Scenes of a Textual Nature


SCENES OF A TEXTUAL NATURE (SOATN) is a collaborative project. All you need to do to collaborate is: 1. TAKE A PHOTO OF TEXT based graffiti in your local area. 2. EMAIL THIS PHOTO to to me with a description of where the graffiti is and anything else you want to say about it. 3. I WILL MAKE A DRAWING of it and send it to you. 4. PUT THE DRAWING BY THE GRAFFITI you took a photo of in your local neighbourhood. 5. YOU CAN: LEAVE it there, KEEP it, COPY it lots and put copies where you like in your neighbourhood, SEND IT BACK to me, GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE or ANY of these things and more!. 6. Whatever you choose to do, PLEASE DOCUMENT it and SEND ME A PHOTO of the drawing in situ with the original graffiti!